Strength in Numbers

Toro Aluminum is the leader in the development and manufacturing of window walls and doors. We’ve left footprints across Canada, the United States and Mexico, and provided customized window walls and doors for well-known high-rise condominiums, office buildings and hotels.  

One of the key factors to our success is the size and diversity of our team. We’ve got a Research and Development Division that provides technical and physical support, and brings continuous product development through design, testing and planning to provide the customer with the most advanced product on the market.

Our dedicated team of technical support staff can quickly answer your technological questions or provide you with in-depth detailed drawings in response to your specific design needs.

We also work in collaboration with Toro Group of Companies, which owns several independently operated manufacturing facilities, totalling over 600,000 sq. ft. of production space.

With the latest CNC machining and three in-line advanced assembly systems, we can produce approximately 2,500 windows and doors per work week. But, production can be increased to 4,000 if necessary.  

Toro Group of Companies currently has offices located in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Portland. And, we’re opening another Los Angeles office soon.

Toro designs and manufactures everything in-house. We manage the cross-border shipping to ensure trouble-free delivery. The market conditions are ideal. We are your full-service solution.