Toro Aluminum Careers

Thank you for visiting our careers site. At the Toro Aluminum Group of Companies, we strive to have a diverse, talented and customer-oriented workforce, each specializing in different areas in order to work together and make great quality products.

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Working at Toro Group

It is our policy to treat employees fairly and respectfully, in part by paying wages and benefits that are competitive in the market and also by establishing a system of communication that prompts input from all employees.

An essential value is shared accountability. You’re accountable to your co-workers and they are accountable to you.  In order to be successful, we need to rely on each other to keep moving in the right direction.

Our ultimate value is communication.  Therefore, the company has established an Open Door Policy which facilitates open communication through all levels of the organization.

  • Compensation & Benefits

    As an employee, you'll enjoy a competitive compensation and benefits package that includes but is not limited to:

    Competitive wages, bonuses and vacation entitlements
    Yearly performance/salary reviews
    Medical, dental and life insurance benefits
    Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    Job advancement opportunities
    Apprenticeship programs
    Education benefits - technical seminars, tuition reimbursement and in-house workshops

  • Health & Safety

    We are committed to the prevention of injury and work related illness to make our company a safe place for all of us to work.

    The Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Industrial Regulation provide a minimum standard of safety.  We are committed to meeting and exceeding that standard and doing better wherever it is practical to do so.

    The health and safety team facilitates your safety orientation, job-specific safety training, the return to work program, safety talks, workplace audits and many other safety initiatives throughout the year.